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Hollis Peach, Something Rare in the Indie Music World

Daniel & Jacqui of Hollis Peach, an indie Songwriting & Vocal Duo, have known eachother since they were 10 years old, they went to 5th Grade together, and have been singing professionally for 7 years.  With two albums under their name, Hollis Peach, is on the verge of recording a third, a concept album with Musical Theatre aspirations.

Daniel has been performing (guitar & banjo) with world-renowned theatre company Oregon Shakespeare Festival, in their production of OKLAHOMA! Which has gotten reviews in the New York Times, PBS NEWS HOUR, NPR’s Here & Now etc...After theatre season they will be touring in promotion of their second release, “Sun Sits Low”, with crowd favorites Yukon River St. Jude's Fire. He will also be teaching songwriting at Southern Oregon University in the winter.

Their musical arrangements and harmonies are lush, intricate, and often hypnotic in their elegance. Kenneth Pattengale, of the Grammy-nominated The Milk Carton Kids, describes Dan as, “…a monster guitar player.” And this is true, as their phrasing artistically expresses in the cleverest and subtlest of ways.

They've also started a songwriting/performing movement called the Ashland Folk Collective | www.ashlandfolkcollective.com.

"We want artist's to make a living wage when they come to Ashland, we are doing our part to create a new culture around music and it's patronage," says Jacqui.

As founders of the Collective they've performed and produced with/for Shook Twins, Rainbow Girls, John Craigie, Max Gomez, Sean Rowe, John Stickley, Anna Tivel...and more.

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Members are Daniel Sherrill (guitar/banjo, vocals, songwriting), Jacqui Aubert (vocals, percussion).  They also have an extended family of instrumentalists who joined them for their records.  Performing and touring as a duo they've released two studio records, with a third record in the works, which happens to be a concept record and a full length Musical, script yet to be written.  Hollis Peach recorded their 2nd album, SUN SITS LOW, in the arts-haven of Ashland OR.  Live-tracked in 19 hours, it was a quick yet productive creative experience, that showcases some of their Americana roots, and their progressive maturity.  Jacqui brings a natural sense of harmony with a leaning towards stranger intervals creating dynamic texture and velvety undertones.  

Curiously, although its a clear first and last name, Hollis Peach, is neither Daniel nor Jacqui.  The name contains a somewhat cryptic homage to Celtic mythology, and an overt tribute to good old fashioned summer fruit.  The light and the dark.  The winter tree which stays green, the summer tree which sheds its summer bounty.  The balance between the masculine and the feminine.  Delicacy and strength, metaphor and logic, action and rest, eruptive and receptive, life and death.  All things intrinsic to our experience as human beings  It all sounds very Turn! Turn! Turn!, and though certainly influenced by Pete Seeger, Hollis Peach tries to relate to these ideas in a human, chop wood carry water way. In any case, and in simple terms, Hollis Peach, one who dwells near the holly tree, and peach, the delicious, sweet, summer bounty.  


"...got some hints of Bert Jansch in there, a nice dose of Brit-inspired Folk...love that nylon"

Jefferson Hamer (The Murphy Beds, Session Americana)

"Dan is a monster of a guitar player."

Kenneth Pattengale, Milk Carton Kids

"...an evocative prog-folk duo now based in Oregon that name-drops an obscure Rust Belt bakery from a long-ago drizzly Easter morning of your youth."

M. Scutari, Henry Miller Library

"...the first record is still some of the stuff that I love the most out of everything I’ve ever done" 

Dave Clauss, 3 Time Grammy-Winning Producer

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