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Drawing from diverse influences ranging from John HartfordJoanna Newsom, Pete SeegerJim Henson, and Townes Van ZandtHollis Peach weaves evocative, somewhat mischievous and somewhat enigmatic  stories in the American vernacular of song and story.  This unassuming, yet highly original duo is currently touring in promotion of their debut release, “Sometimes We Feel the Same”. Founding members of the rootsy folk orchestra Patchy Sanders, songwriter and guitarist, Dan Sherrill along with his singing partner, Jacqui Aubert, create a finely nuanced musical pairing.

Though deceptively simple, their musical arrangements and harmonies are lush, intricate, and often hypnotic in their elegance. Kenneth Pattengale, of the Grammy-nominated The Milk Carton Kids, describes Dan as, “…a monster guitar player.” And this is true, as Dan’s phrasing comes out in the cleverest and subtlest of ways. When all is said and done, Hollis Peach’s music is a powerhouse of subtle gestures and graceful storytelling.


"Dan is a monster of a guitar player."

Kenneth Pattengale, Milk Carton Kids

"...an evocative prog-folk duo now based in Oregon that name-drops an obscure Rust Belt bakery from a long-ago drizzly Easter morning of your youth."

M. Scutari, Henry Miller Library

"I’ve seen a lot of great music in my life in many different settings & genres, and the deep level of intimacy and engagement tonite was truly unique and reflective of both their great talent and souls as artists."

Andrew Hidas, Blogger Tra-vers-ing

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